Towing Industry and its Future

In recent times social media has had one of the biggest impacts on our lives. Customers in the towing industry have been affected both positively and negatively. Due to this, they have grown smarter, and require better services. Some of the customers that are the smartest are the ones looking for a towing service in San Francisco, CA. This is because its such a competitive industry and everyone is so tech savvy. Companies bidding for city contracts is also one of the biggest changes.

Contract Bidding

When bidding contracts in the past, companies had to build relationships with the city officials, which had to be done alongside law enforcement. Simple procedures were followed, and, if the qualifications were met, they got the contract. However, a change occurred when single tow companies tried getting the entire contract for themselves, leaving many other companies out of it.

Challenges facing the Towing Industry

In Texas, a company with not a single tow truck got the contract. They bought tow trucks after having won the contract to be able to provide towing services. A sales pitch left lots of companies out of the rotation that had been made.

Tremendous opportunities are seen by people outside of the towing business. Buying trucks, paying damages, paying for fuel, providing insurance and other equipment are among the many expenses incurred by tow companies. Preservation, vehicle storage, vehicle parts, and others are all paid by towing revenue. Some companies only offer services like vehicle disposal and storage, while they want towing provided by the local contractors. With lots of money and a three-piece suit, they build relationships with city council officials. Through this they win contracts in the major cities, other companies through the growth of their success will pick the same approach aiming at their growth.

Towing laws

In addition to all this, the industry is known to have substantial potential for abuse. More often it occurs in difficult situations, and consumers have no other options to turn to. Due to this, certain operators may initiate unwarranted procedures for towing. They might also have high charges towards the consumer for the release of their vehicle. This led to the implementation of laws to protect the consumer by many jurisdictions for charges on predatory towing.

New towing options in the Towing Industry

Some options may come up for the tow companies as time goes by. The options include

  • Buying of three-piece suits and building relationships with city officials is not in their DNA system, which will be hard for the average tower.
  • Average towers will not get together in groups, due to the hatred they have against their competitors.
  • A line of revenue, new and never heard off may come up if relationships are built with companies that only need vehicle disposal and storage.

These will hurt the industry as a result of the new companies, which want to get in this business industry.

Owners of tow companies should be aware of changes taking place in this industry and should work on evolving with the change to avoid being forced out of business in these changing times of social media influence. Towers working together and marketing of their work would help ensure that some towers are not left out.